Thursday, June 5, 2008

life is about choice!

dis morning had lecture frm d very motivated ophtalmologist prof muhaya...
she gave us a lot of TAKE HOME MSG (i reallly like 2 used this words lately)
she mentioned dat in 'life is about choice!'
we r d one who decide whether 2 b


so guys, u decide k??

n she mentioned about giving d positive aura n getting back d positive aura....(i`m learning 2 instilled it in myself...hurm...)

btw, today is a long day for me...i only had egg sandwich as my bfast at 9am...went to lecture, clinic(today most of d patient hv catarct) until 3 then went up to ward until 4 sumtin...straight to d library...get msg from uncle p bout sarah(still remember her? she`s my cousin dat only 1 month i mentioned in my prev post)she`s been admitted in hosp ampang putri late this afternoon for having high grade fever(her temp was 39.9C) and dr suspect her MENINGITIS?? i` worried...decided to pay her visits..but due 2 heavy rain..i waited until about 6.30pm , only then headed 2 d hosp.
went there by taking taxi to bndr tun razak lrt(d taxi driver didnt wanna send me straight 2 ampang putri)then change train in chan sow lin b4 stopped at Ampang station. d que for taxi was too long dat i decided 2 take bus straight 2 ampang point then walked to ampang putri.

when i reached aunty fiona(sarah`s mother)was crying and looked worried and got out from d procedure room as she couldnt see anymore d DR trying to poke her daughter`s hand to insert d iv line....i went in n introduced myself to d paediatrician in first she asked me 2 wait outside as she afraid dat i will 'x sampai hati' too...but then i xplained 2 her dat i`m a medical stdnt n wud like 2 accompany my cousin...d dr is nice...she`s gentle...n sarah`s seems very cooperative eventhough she did cried at d very beginning...luckily d attempt succeed...(early in d evening d staff nurses has tried 2 poke her 3 times). she was given antibiotics and was given normal saline+glucose... later when check her temp already lowered a bit 38.9...hope everything is fine...n hope she gets better soon...(guys plz pray for her...thanx)

uncle eju arrived around 8 sumtin n only at 930pm i had my dinner merangkap 'qada' lunch n tea n supper. sbb lapar kan...rasa sedap je r.. mama daa n papa arrived around 930pm gk...they stucked in jam for 2 hours due 2 heavy rains + d oil pump station(gile panjang barisan kat smua stesen minyak...n gile naik sampai almost 80 sen??...isy2..) jalan kaki je la skng ni oits! x pun bwk beskal! x pun nek public transport...

kul 11 td br smpi bilek...aisy....kepenatan...~
but x pela...doakan smoga sarah cepat baik...

take home msg by d motivated profs:: kalu org je satu paper bag ngn tali rafia..suro dorg masuk kepala dlm tu ikat kepala ngn tali rapia...then suro dorg smoke dlm tu....then dey will b less SELFISH~


mYshah said...

ho2 i like bout the smoker's handling idea :)

iRma IzZaTi said...

sian sarah......most likely she got bacterial meningitis sbb high grade fever, die patutnyer ok if dirawat dgn baiknyer.... ngeh3... hopefully die cpat smbuh... kengsalam kat auntie ko yer...

fazrul mokhtar said...

i like that smoking part tu. lawak giler prof muhaya tad.

and sian sarah ko. hmm. hope for the best k.

skang ni byk sad things happen around.. sama2 lah doa..

fazrul mokhtar said...

ok ok. this is lame. but i just wana say it here;

irm, "kengsalam"?

hahahahah. kemsalam aku leh terima lagi. "kengsalam" sounds like KENG WEI XIONG kirim slm

ok. fine. lame. :p

take care ppl.

iRma IzZaTi said...

haha....aper je la fazrul... x pasan plakzz aku...ngeh3...

alialalala said...

yup...its a nice idea kan shah,irm and fazrul??

already mention dat 2 my uncle who smokes....dorg hanya gelak2 saje~

tq everyone for d DOA. just hope for d best.

fazrul ni....nmpk je...ble bnda2 cmne....btw, sape KENG WEI XIONG?? aku kalu KENG SONG tu aku kenal la kan...hoho

Salsabila said...

iye, betul kesian kt sarah. kecil2 dh byk dugaan dia kan? kita yg dh besar ni apatah lagi... (renungan sejenak~)

btw, "kengsalam" is "kemsalam" in terengganu dialect (becos trg people like to put letter 'G' at the end of letter 'N' n 'M')--> so same la maksudnyer... kan irm?

iRma IzZaTi said...

haha....ntahla nani...kite rase cam sedap je kengsalam tu...redah jer....ngeh3...

alialalala said...

btul tu cik salsabila...aisy...xpela...alhamdulillah smua nye da ok insyaAllah...dialect ganu pulok dah?? pape je la kan....hehehe

yer...REDAH JEeee la cik irm

MiLuViA said...

suke prof muhaya
selalu nk jadi cm die
tetapi i seem to olweys choose the wrong path..

breath in the confidence breathe out the confusion~

alialalala said...

ye berusaha la cik miluvia~

mYshah said...

prof muhaya:
"visualize" &
"take home msg"