Friday, May 23, 2008

endotracheal tube intubation

had clinical skill lab session dis morning...conduct by Dr Helmi...he`s paham situation medical stdnt...dont put 2 much stress on us, guide us, let us be independent, and redirect us when necessary...

by the way, during my ENT and now anaesthesiology posting, I`ve seen several endotracheal intubation done by the surgeon or anaesthesiologist...observing them doing it seem not to difficult. BUT, after d session dis morning done on manequin, i noe I was WRONG! it was not as easy as i thought it wud first attempt had difficulties, i couldnt see the vocal cord to introduce d tube. it was quite frustating + exhausting + sakit tangan experience...n cam geram, penat n sakit tgn berusaha bersnggh2 nk buat lak kat mannequin mmg akan more difficult sbb die kan cm rubber so susah la nak push d tongue...bile zatil,marina,wina n d rest of d girls buat cm senang je...on my 2nd attempt only i managed to insert d endotracheal tube happy gile ble pump bag valve mask tu, n lung die expand equally...dorg2 smua clap, n kebetulan tyme tu Dr Helmi masuk..die pun clap2 hand..hehe..cumeil..wani and kak sue pun had difficulties and only managed to get d tube in on their 3 attempts...mmg happy la ble da masuk..rasa cm puas...frm d session, i learned that when we really want something and work really hard and never give up...we will surely get it!

::endotracheal tube intubation set::

::zatil yg memberi sokongan, kak sue GA nurse..hehe::

:: tgk muka yg penuh konsentrasi dan kesungguhan itu::

::kami ber3 yg tiada keje memperagakan facemasks::

::menggediks sebentar b4 masuk OT::


MiLuViA said...

kite tkdepun gmbr buat intubation nih...


alialalala said...

la yeke...itulah...pergi tuka hp br...yg lebey cnggh..lebeh dr sekadar hnya warna pink..hehe

MiLuViA said...

biar la.

i love my phone.

just like the way it is.

huk huk.

mYshah said...

intubation, huuhu aritu telah wat ngan jayanye, lol~ aku pon smpat gigam mase tu, mmg best...

kamu, nampak leher :P