Monday, June 8, 2009

a mix feeling

~its been a while
alhamdulillah sy sihat, selamat kembali dr kem ppd n btn d besut trengganu
kem was fun, an eye opener for a life as a ho
i enjoyed medical explorace d most
kem btn was as usual boring

well in less than 8 hours
i`m goin 2 start my first final yr clinical posting
i dunno how 2 describe
but its totally a mix feeling
at one end i`m all excited to enter d clinical postings
at another end i`m afraid that i`m not ready n well prepared
i dunno what 2 expect
i`m anxious n nervous who will b my supervisor
which team i`m gonna be allocated to
will i catch up
will i do well
will i do my best

i dunno
i just hope n pray
that everything will b as wonderful as i hope
i am visualize that i`m going 2 get a nice supervisor n a great team
that can help me to go thru another 2 months

good luck everyone
our journey begins~


FaNa said...

nk ckp good luck dh masuk dh..

papepon.. bljr leklok ya kak

Nadiah :) said...

gud luck
dun worry

susah itu kan satu pengajaran hidup

mYshah said...

hehe, lambat sket.. gudluck ye kamuh!

alialalala said...

fana - ye kamu juga
nadem - thnx. benar susah itu suatu pengajaran hidup supya kte x terleka
shah - xpe. biar lmbt asal dtg